Project Description

Long lasting flame retardant felt

one of the fastest growing and high-performance non-woven fabrics in the world, second only to aramid felt.
Flame Retardant Felt, self-extinguishing when leaving the flame, and will not burn to ash, but still be fiberboard, which can block the fire and other objects from burning.

Regularly there are 2 ways to produce flame retardant felt:
1. Flame retardant gel dip treated for the felt, the flame retardant effect will fail over time.
2. Take the flame-retardant fiber to make the felt, this can keep a long time flame retardant effect.
The common flame-retardant fibers are polyester viscose and acrylic fiber etc.


High modulus, good elasticity
Wear-resistant, anti-corrosion
Good thermal stability and heat resistance
Moisture absorption, low smoke, non-toxic, no odor
Does not melt when burning, has self-extinguishing effect


Forest fireproof cloth (forest fire fence, forest fire cloth) high temperature insulation cloth, etc.
Electrical insulation paper, high temperature filter material, protective clothing, honeycomb structure material
Aerospace, aviation, defense, electronics, communications, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical, marine development and other high-tech fields
Automotive insulation, silencer insulation, household appliances, military uniforms, protective clothing, fire service, children’s toys, bedding, sofa lining, flame retardant decorative materials in public places, etc.

Military, nautical, ship, chemical, steel, fire, thermoelectric, textile, oil field, oil depot, gas station, laboratory, computer room, paint processing plant, tempered glass factory, tempered glass compartment, stainless steel workshop, plastic, sacrificial incense box , sparks, etc., which are prone to fire, can withstand spark splash, slag, welding spatter, etc., to isolate the workplace, separate the working layer, and prevent fire hazard from welding work.

MaterialWool Felt, Polyester Felt, Viscose Rayon Felt, PAN Felt, etc
Nonwoven TechnicsNeedle-Punched and Compressed
ColorCustomized According to Color Card or Pantone
Thickness1-60 mm
Density150-10000 grams per square meter
Free Sample3-5 days
Supply TypeMake-to-Order, OEM & ODM Available
Place of OriginNangong, Hebei, China
PackagingWaterproof woven bag, pp bag and carton or customized
Delivery TimeUsually in 7-20 days after receiving payment, depending on order quantity
NoteWe are a B2B international business type, and most of the Felt Products are customized available,
so we can't list all the specifications and styles, please just contact us for more details.
Needle Punched Non Woven Felt Processing Flow