Wool Felt Production Process Flow
wool shipping

wool material shipping

wool materia

wool material

Wool Bale Opener

wool bale opener


wool extracted

Wool Dyed

wool dyed

Natural Drying

natural drying

High Temp Setting

high temp setting

Cutting Sides

cutting sides

Needle Punched Non Woven Felt Processing Flow

Needle Punch Production Workshop

Needle Punch Production Workshop
Needle Punch Pink

Pink Felt Producing

Needle Punch Purple

Purple Felt Producing

Needle Punch Red

Red Felt Producing

Felt Finished Products Process

Felt Fabric Warehouse

warehouse wool felt
warehouse industriral felt
warehouse pp felt
warehouse polyester felt
warehouse synthetic felt
warehouse felt fabric

Export Carton Packaging

felt carton pack 2
felt carton pack 1
felt carton pack 4
felt carton pack 3

Loading Photo

felt loading 1
felt loading 1222
felt loading 3
felt loading 4
felt loading 5
felt loading 6

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