Project Description

nomex blanket

made of  Nomex fiber, It is the fastest growing, high comprehensive performance special fiber in the high temperature resistant fiber.
Has excellent heat resistance and chemical properties, resistant to most concentrated inorganic acids, alkali resistance is slightly worse,
for other chemical reagents and organic solvent is very stable.
The aramid felt cloth has good thermal stability, It will not melt when placed at high temperature for a long time.
The initial modulus is 9 times of nylon and 4 times of polyester.
Has good heat resistance, corrosion resistance and flame resistance.

Nomex Felt Features

1. High temperature resistance,
Long-term work at 220 ° high temperature does not age, does not shrink
Continuous operation at 240 ° high temperature, while the strength of the felt remains unchanged
Decomposes over 370°, and begins to carbonize around 400°
2. Flame retardant
Self-extinguishing, does not burn in the air
3. Insulation
Excellent electrical insulation under high temperature conditions, with breakdown voltage of 100,000 volts/mm2 or more
4. Corrosion resistance
Resistant to most inorganic acids and chemicals, hydrolysis and vapor corrosion
5. Tear resistant, friction resistant


Widely used in electrical insulation paper, high temperature filter materials, protective clothing, honeycomb structural materials, etc.

It is an indispensable and important foundation material for high-tech fields such as aerospace, aviation, defense, electronics, communications, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical industry, and marine development.

The main applications in the filtration industry are asphalt processing plants, steel quarrying, non-metal smelting, ceramics, etc.

MaterialAramid Nomex Kevlar fiber
Nonwoven TechnicsNeedle-Punched
ColorCustomized According to Color Card or Pantone
Thickness1~25 mm, Customized Available
Density150-10000 grams per square meter
SizeCustomized Available. Width ≤ 2.4 m, Length as requested. Regularly 100 / 50 / 20 meters per roll
Thermal conductivity coefficient0.04 w/m.k
Limit Oxygen Index 29 LOI %
Free Sample3-5 days
Supply TypeMake-to-Order, OEM & ODM Available
Place of OriginNangong, Hebei, China
PackagingWaterproof woven bag, pp bag and carton or customized
Delivery TimeUsually in 7-20 days after receiving payment, depending on order quantity
NoteWe are a B2B international business type, and most of the Felt Products are customized available,
so we can't list all the specifications and styles, please just contact us for more details.
High temperature resistance felt
Needle Punched Non Woven Felt Processing Flow